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Jörg Matthias Claudius Grünewald = Jörg Egerer = Feliks

Terms & Conditions
We are nice and fair and apply common sense as long as you do that too.
This is a private server belonging to the domain and must be accessed only by persons involved in the said domain.
By knowingly or unknowingly submitting material, be it digital data or physical objects of any kind including living organisms (which also includes you) or any kind of energy, to the domain, any subdomain thereof or anybody involved in the domain you grant us permission to use it in any way we want. This includes storing (as long as we wish), copying, modifying, distributing, destroying, selling, creating derivative works, including it in other works and shoving it to /dev/null or other places of our choice.
If you are a lawyer or a polititian or involved in any government organisation you are not allowed to send or receive any data from the domain or any subdomain thereof either directly or indirectly, and you are not allowed to send any physical objects of any kind including living organisms (which also includes you) to us.
Since this is our private server containing our private data we store URLs to whatever sites and places we want, and we add or remove data whenever we want, everything without prior notice ofcourse.
Our time is limited and very precious for us. We will charge a processing fee for the loss of time incurred to us. This includes sending requests by email, letters or any other form of communication.
We reserve the right to block connections from or to IP adresses or domains we do not like. One cause, but not the only one, to be blocked is hiding behind a domain anonymizer or other kinds of anonymizers.
Any material you receive from the domain or any subdomain thereof is copyrighted and/or trademarked by us or if explicitely specified by the specified copyright and/or trademark holders. Anything not explicitely licensed is licensed under GPL version 3 or later.
We do not store any data on any of your devices. The only exception are cookies which may be set by some of our web applications. Generally they only store session data, but reserve the right to store more data as needed without any prior notice. If you do not want any cookies at all don't access out websites.
Officially we do not have any logfiles and we do not store any data at all. Inofficially we are watching each of your steps and store the collected data forever. The truth is probably somewhere between. You have been warned.
Any costs incurred due to any violation of these terms will be charged to the violator in full. In addition to these cost, the violator will also incur service charges as well as opportunity costs. The place of trial will be chosen at our discretion. In case of doubt Gadag, KA, India applies.
These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Karnataka, India or Zurich, Switzerland depending on our current choice.